Balance your books for the planet

by Tracy Stokes on July 2, 2007

in Sustainable Lifestyle

We all like to see books printed on recycled paper, or at least FSC-approved paper. But unfortunately, many of the books that we read are printed on paper that comes from less than sustainable sources. In fact, over 20-million trees are cut down annually to make virgin paper for books printed in the US alone. Now there is a way for you to balance out the damage caused to forests by the books that you read. Eco-Libris has partnered with Sustainable Harvest International, Ripple Africa and The Alliance for International Reforestation, to plant trees to replace those cut down to print the books that you read.

The process of balancing your books is very simple. On the Eco-Libris homepage select the number of books you want to balance, then pay online, and you will receive a little sticker for each book that you’ve balanced saying “One Tree Planted for this Book." You can display this sticker on the book cover of the book you’ve balanced.

While it’s not the solution to the problem, planting trees does help reduce climate change and conserve soil and water in areas where deforestation is a real problem.

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