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Are you aware that some types of plastics are toxic to humans? These listings offer safe alternatives for childrens toys such as wood and other natural materials.

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Cloth Nappy Shop
Earth Paints LLC
Natural Eco Baby - Eco Products
EcoToyStore | Children's Eco Friendly Toys & Furniture
A Variety Of The Best Organic Baby Products For Sale
Best Eco-Friendly Toys Online
The Organic Toy Company
Organic Keiki
Daisy Daisy Ethical Gifts
Wooden and Natural Toys, Educational and Learning Toys at Childt
Little Eco Warriors
(5 votes)
The Fair Trade Faerie
SEE Toys: Earth-Friendly, Kid-Powered Toys
Clementine Toys
Little Cherry - Perfect Parties
Blue Orange Games
Ethical Party Bags
(1 vote)
Eco Party Bags
(1 vote)
Baby Naturopathics Inc
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