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Local is lekker, imported is bad for the planet

by EcoStreet June 24, 2009 EcoFood

Mark Berger put into words a couple of weeks ago something that I’ve been thinking since being back in South Africa, and that is that South African’s appear to be suffering under “a massive countrywide inferiority complex.” One particular area that I’ve noticed this, and one that Mark didn’t include in his blog post, is […]

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If you’ve wondered why EcoStreet now has a more African feel

by EcoStreet June 15, 2009 Uncategorised

For those of you, treasured readers, who have always looked to EcoStreet for green titbits (I love that word) of the British variety, but have noticed that the flavour has been distinctly African of late, here’s a belated explanation for you. Although I spent 13 years in England (which is where I was living when […]

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Wetland clean up at Oude Molen Eco Village this Tuesday

by EcoStreet June 14, 2009 Conservation

CAPE TOWN – Here’s something really worthwhile to do on Tuesday’s public holiday. I’m going because I like to make a contribution to keeping places that I enjoy in good nick, and because I want to teach my children that being a member of a community is a give and take process. Photo credit: Millstone […]

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Abalimi Bezekhaya: Cape Town’s urban organic farmers

by EcoStreet June 10, 2009 Activism

One Tuesday a few weeks ago I accompanied Duncan Drennan (The Art of Engineering), Duncan’s beautifully pregnant wife Donne, Pia Taylor (Mother City Living), Stefan (a lecturer in applied mathematics at Stellenbosch) and Ruan (a helicopter pilot in training) on a tour of the Fezeka community garden in Gugulethu and the Harvest of Hope packing […]

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Open Green Map (and Cape Town Green Map) launches today

by EcoStreet June 5, 2009 Activism

It’s World Environment Day and the launch day of Open Green Map, a global initiative to map out local natural, cultural and green living sites, to help people make greener lifestyle choices. There are launches being held around the world today: Cape Town, Geneva, Jakarta, Stockholm, Baltimore, Pereira Colombia, the UK towns of Swansea, Clackmannanshire, […]

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