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by EcoStreet on November 28, 2007

in Responsible Transport

Photograph: Kensington Park © Jenny Rollo

For all you walkit.com fans out there (and if you aren’t a walkit.com fan already you will be by the time you’ve finished reading this post), our favourite “ditch the ride and catch a stride” purveyor of directions for when you’re out and about in the city has just launched a new route option. It’s the “less busy” option, and perfect for walkers who don’t like great lungfuls of car and bus exhausts while they’re stretching their legs and getting about on foot. You, the walkers, have asked for routes that avoid the busiest roads and that is exactly what walkit.com have delivered. The “less busy” route favours walking through parks, along rivers and by canals, away from the traffic where possible.

Jamie Wallace, founder of walkit.com said, “We’re delighted to launch this new option in response to user feedback. While some people just want the quickest walking route between two points, others want one that avoids the worst traffic or takes you through a park. We think this distinguishes the walkit.com service even further, making it much more in tune with sustainable urban living than the other online route planners”.

Since the start of 2007, walkit.com has generated over 600,000 walking routes across London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Good for you walkit.com, and good for the walkers too.

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