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Green Energy Affected by Labour Party Price Freezes

by EcoStreet December 8, 2013 Energy Saving

Green or renewable energy firms remain up in arms about the prospect of a fuel price freeze for consumers if people elect Labour the next general election. Reports are emerging that large investments in renewable energy are likely to suffer and that is not going to help the UK meet its carbon reduction targets of […]

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Infographic: Energy Harvesting – The Future Smart City

by EcoStreet December 6, 2013 EcoEnergy

Sagentia shows us a glimpse of the future with this Energy Harvesting infographic. Take a look and see how the use of the latest technology in products and monitoring leads to energy efficiency and the ability for us to generate energy from our own day to day activities… Source: Sagentia

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Eco DIY: Carbon Neutral Christmas Lights

by Nikki Algar December 1, 2013 Conservation

Matthew James Taylor explains how to make your own Carbon Neutral Christmas Lights from recycled materials. Click here to find out how… I’d like to see a pedal-powered version of this… it could light up the whole house, and just think of all the mince pies you could burn off in the process.

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Infographic: Power Consumption Facts for the US

by EcoStreet November 22, 2011 Climate Change

Click to view the full size graphic on the Power SuperSite Source: Power SuperSite

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3 Amazing Eco Laptops

by EcoStreet February 26, 2011 EcoReview

Committed green warriors pride themselves on limiting their negative impact on the environment, but they often forget about the damage that power-hungry laptop PCs can do to the Earth. We all use computers daily and those machines tend to suck up a lot of juice. In addition, toxic chemicals and elements are often used in […]

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Sponsor giveaway: 10x EcoForce goody bags

by EcoStreet May 3, 2010 Competitions

Spring into green cleaning with eco-friendly scourers, sponges and cloths from EcoForce, manufacturers of practical, everyday, household products from recycled materials. We all need to do our bit to help the environment and using recycled products instead of those made from virgin materials helps reduce landfill and conserves fossil fuels. Reduce carbon emissions by using […]

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How to make solar-tea

by EcoStreet December 21, 2009 EcoDIY

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the right time of year to cook up a brew of solar tea. Remember, your kettle is one of the biggest energy vampire gadgets you’ve probably got, so change the way you make your tea this summer? You’ve heard of slow food, this is slow tea. Step 1: You’ll […]

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