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Bricolage is my favourite word

by Tracy Stokes February 19, 2013 EcoArt

bricolage (bri·co·lage) n. (in art or literature) Construction or creation from a diverse range of available things. Something constructed or created in this way. The artist Cynthia Korzekwa introduced me to this word a few years ago, and the word and its sentiment have made a lasting impression on me.  I love the way the word […]

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Thumbnail image for EcoStreet ♥ recycled Hub Cap Creatures

EcoStreet ♥ recycled Hub Cap Creatures

by EcoStreet February 8, 2013 EcoArt

I’ve always admired the dragon made of recycled hubcaps that adorns the wall above the entrance desk at the Westy, my local arts and music centre. To my delight, the last time I visited to see a show, Ptolemy Elrington, the creator of the hubcap dragon was exhibiting his recycled creations there. In my opinion, […]

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Is this the future of green sustainable energy?

The Artifical Leaf

by EcoStreet January 21, 2013 EcoArt

‘The Artificial Leaf’, by Jared P. Scott & Kelly Nyks, is a short film with a big idea… a simple formula to save the planet: sunlight + water = energy for the world. Dan Nocera tells us how. ‘The Artificial Leaf’ is is one of 20 finalists in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition who are all vying […]

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Cameras at the ready… it’s ‘The Greener Me, The Better Us’ Video Contest

by EcoStreet December 3, 2011 Activism

The Environment Action Association (EAA) has just announced their very first annual environmental video contest “The Greener me, the Better us.” EAA invites you to submit a funny, creative video portraying how each of us can reduce our environmental impact and what we can do to protect Mother Earth. Topics include but are not limited […]

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Our polluted world – an infographic

by EcoStreet September 28, 2011 EcoArt

Click to view the full size image on the Reusable Bags website Source: Reusable Bags

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Q: When is a Coke can an elephant (or possibly a giraffe)?

by EcoStreet May 13, 2011 EcoArt

A: When Farai’s had his creative way with it! Farai is a member of the Mother City Craft Collective, a collective of traffic-light crafters who you can see selling their wares as you drive through the streets of Cape Town.   This group of Zimbabwean crafters have joined forces to expand their market and create an […]

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EcoArt: recycled collage township scenes

by EcoStreet November 3, 2010 EcoArt

Alex Makumbe collects reclaimed chipboard and old cans to make his Cape Town scenes.   This is how he makes a living. Alex came to Cape Town from Harare in Zimbabwe 8 years ago and has been making a living as an African folk artist selling his work at the traffic lights ever since. Recently Alex […]

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