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The Green Party & Greenpeace to take legal action against the British government

This press release from the Green Party is a little more than a week old, but I wanted to share it anyway.


We’re taking legal action against the government for deciding to support nuclear power without full public consultation.

During the 2006 energy review, many people suspected that Blair had already decided to build new nuclear reactors. As the chairman of the Trade and Industry Committee said, the Energy Review was “a rubber- stamping exercise for a decision [to build new nuclear power stations] the Prime Minister took some time ago.”

Three years ago, the government promised that “Before any decision to proceed with the building of new nuclear power stations, there would need to be the fullest public consultation and the publication of a white paper.” The government failed to carry out this full public consultation. Consultees weren’t given substantial information on, for example, how radioactive waste would be managed, siting reports, the proposed design of the reactors or how much they would cost. The Energy Review utterly failed to consult on these issues before the Prime Minister made his decision.
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Are we losing our green spaces?

This is something that has worried me for some time, it does seem that our remaining wildernesses are shrinking. Now a report from the Green Party is confirming my worst fears. Here is what Caroline Lucas’ office is saying:

COUNCILS in the South-East are authorizing development on green belt sites
in a bid to meet ambitious targets for new homes in the region.

Milton Keynes Council has been named by countryside campaign group the CPRE as one of the worst-performing councils in the country at ‘recycling’ land.
According to the study, which was published this week, just 13 per cent of
new developments in the council’s area were built on ‘brownfield’ sites –
the rest were on green land.

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