Responsible Transport

10 benefits of a high fuel price

by EcoStreet July 6, 2008 Responsible Transport

It seems that the world is coming around to our way of thinking. Yes, even has conceded that a higher fuel price has its benefits. They’ve come up with 10 things to like about petrol (gas) going over $4 a gallon in the US, still bloody cheap by UK standards. Geez, you yanks just […]

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Jurdy gets to grips with the electric car

by EcoStreet June 23, 2008 EcoArt

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Git along, little dogies big doggies!

by EcoStreet June 17, 2008 Responsible Transport

Daggers away please animal rights activists, this is more a bit of fun in the park for lazy dog walkers than a serious method of transport (especially if your office doesn’t provide dog kennels for employees). If the video below is anything to go by, dogs may even enjoy the experience. Whatever blows your hair […]

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10 rules for looking good on two wheels

by EcoStreet June 5, 2008 Responsible Transport

If you look around you on the streets today you will notice a rising number of young ladies taking to two wheels. Long gone are the days of cycling being the pursuit of stuffy squares and eccentrics. Women are cycling and looking good doing it… so come on, join the Cycle Chic revolution. This is […]

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Women are greener drivers than men

by EcoStreet February 23, 2008 Responsible Transport

Photography: woman driver by fadedmilkyway It’s official, more women than men have reduced the amount they drive in an effort to curb their carbon emissions. Research commissioned by the Environmental Transport Association has found that 16 per cent of men who drive are ‘not worried too much’ by the fact their cars pollute, while only […]

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Jurdy rides again

by EcoStreet February 11, 2008 EcoArt

Just like Jurdy, you could be riding a Magic Wheel. Enter our giveaway to win one. Advertisement: Reduce your CO2 footprint by as much as 2 tonnes/year & save up to £150 on your energy bills.

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Win: a Magic Wheel

by EcoStreet February 6, 2008 Responsible Transport

Last week I told you about the Magic Wheel in a post about urban commuting. This week I’m offering you the opportunity of a free ride. That’s right, Magic Wheel are giving away one of their lovely vehicles right here on EcoStreet. It’s the perfect antidote to those irritating little aluminium scooters that everyone was […]

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