EcoReview: Bulldog shower gel

by EcoStreet on August 26, 2008

in EcoReview

Even though I’m not a bloke, I really like Bulldog‘s original shower gel and the tingly, wakey-wakey feeling that it gives your skin in the shower in the morning. But what I like most about Bulldog is that none of their products contain high risk synthetic ingredients (like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances), they’re very reasonably priced and they’re readily available on supermarket shelves. In fact, I’m green with envy that Bulldog have made this amazing range of grooming products for men, when there’s no comparable range for women. Integrity usually comes with a higher price tag.

There’s only one problem that I’ve experienced with Bulldog‘s shower gel, and that is that it is quite difficult to squeeze out of the bottle. Perhaps it’s all part of the evil plan to keep Bulldog to the men, who generally have more muscular forearms.

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