Ethical jeweller Ingle & Rhode to launch in London

by Cate Trotter on September 7, 2007

in Sustainable Lifestyle

Ingle & Rhode’s ethical jewellery

Ingle & Rhode, the ethical jeweller, will be launching this September with its range of luxury jewellery, procured and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Alongside its in-house collection of classic pieces, four of the UK’s leading designers are collaborating with Ingle & Rhode to produce a truly luxurious selection of jewellery, using only the finest precious metals and gemstones.

In an industry fraught with exploitation and controversy, Ingle & Rhode is focused on reducing the three main problems facing the jewellery industry: human exploitation, conflict diamonds, and environmental damage. With careful research they have created a supply chain that guarantees clients can trace the provenance of all metals and gemstones used.

After David Rhode struggled to find his fiancée a truly ethical engagement ring, he approached Tim Ingle with his vision for luxury ethical jewellery, and together they founded the company.

“I couldn’t believe how hard it was to buy a ring with ethically sourced component materials,” David says. “We wanted to create a brand that responds to new consumer demands and hope that the industry will follow our lead.”

Combining an ethical supply chain with cutting edge design, its fine jewellery will provide a solution for individuals wanting style and luxury with a conscience.

The pieces will be on sale from September on Customers will also be able to book appointments at its Piccadilly showroom.

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