How to make solar-tea

Make your own solar tea

Make your own solar tea

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the right time of year to cook up a brew of solar tea. Remember, your kettle is one of the biggest energy vampire gadgets you’ve probably got, so change the way you make your tea this summer? You’ve heard of slow food, this is slow tea.

Step 1: You’ll need a big jar or wide mouthed bottle.

Step 2: You can make teas with all sorts of herbs, whatever you have on hand. I used 4 rooibos teabags and 2 springs of fresh mint. Bung them into the jar and fill with cool filtered or tap water.

Step 3: Place the jar in full sun and leave for as many hours as you can wait.

Step 4: Strain and drink warm, or chill for iced tea. Sweeten with honey if desired.

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  1. I like the fact you can pretty much make it how you want it, I’m normally not into what I call ‘fancy tea’ but I’ve been drinking strawberry and mango tea by Twinings recently which is amazing (made with a kettle im afraid, it’s snowing here!). Might try something like this if we can get a summer this year in England 😀
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Pay Nothing For Postage & Packaging this Xmas! =-.

  2. You can also make solar tea or “sun-tea” with loose tea (which in my opinion is much better!

    All you need is a LARGE tea-ball (a strainer for loose tea) or a tea pouch (a paper pouch made to hold loose tea!)

    You can also make solar tea with loose tea by simply putting the loose tea in the water and then straining it through a fine sifter before serving it.

    Enjoy your tea!

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