Piper and I have been sowing seeds for winter vegetables this afternoon. It’s fun to do with children of any age when outside is stormy and wet, and inside is a much nicer prospect. Northern hemisphere folks sow summer veg for a school holiday activity.

Learning to grow vegetables is a valuable and important life skill.

10 Easy Steps

1. Find something in your recycling that will make a suitable plant pot. Suggestions: bottom half of plastic milk bottles, yoghurt pots, bottom half of egg cartons.

2. Fill the receptacles with compost. Get organic compost from your local nursery/garden centre or use sifted homemade compost.

3. Plant seeds. Suggested for winter: Swiss chard, spinach, some lettuces, some carrots, onions, peas.


4. Water.

5. Admire.

6. Put in a sunny window.


7. Water daily or when dry.

8. Wait.

9. Harvest.

10. Eat.