The Exxon Files: climate change is hot, but Exxon is not cool with that

by Tracy Stokes on September 28, 2007

in Climate Change, The Environment and Business

Climate change is at the top of Europe’s political agenda but not everyone is happy about that. The world’s biggest oil company, ExxonMobil, is working hard to block internationally agreed policies designed to combat climate change. Take a look how ExxonMobil is twisting the facts and help put an end to their misleading advertising.

[via: DeSmogBlog]

Advertisement: Reduce your CO2 footprint by as much as 2 tonnes/year & save up to £150 on your energy bills.

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Samir September 30, 2007 at 10:25 pm

Unfortunately, the people interested in mis-information are usually much more motivated and resource rich than those interested in information.

I guess this is where the people who are faced with the prospect of competing with these large marketing juggernauts need to think not of how to beat them at their own game but of how to change the game entirely. They don’t play fair or by the rules, so how can we expect victory by sticking to those rules.

Unfortunately big media and marketing blitz is still very much the ruling factor for the hearts of the masses. The great open-publishing and citizen journalism revolution that is the internet is still a small niche, whether we like to admit it or not. How that can be co-opted for positive educational purposes amongst a mass audience is still something I wonder about often, but the answer isn’t fothcoming.


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