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87% of British public opposed to new nuclear power stations

From the Green Party press office:

In advance of the government’s energy review due tomorrow, the Green Party today released the results of a national survey dramatically highlighting public opposition to a new generation of nuclear power stations, and revealing widespread criticism of the way in which the government conducted it’s review.

Green Party Principal Speaker Keith Taylor commented: “When asked directly whether they supported plans to build new nuclear power stations, 87% of respondents rejected the nuclear option, in stark contrast to an overwhelming 98% support for greater investment in renewable energy, and 99% support for greater investment in energy-saving measures at home and work. This puts pay to any suggestion the nuclear power is accepted as a necessary evil by the UK.

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Green Design

We were notified by Mark Batty Publishing that they have a new book out, called and all about Green Design. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Green Design colorfully documents the rising trend to create and market new
and innovative products that help consumers downsize and upgrade their
lives. Through a carefully chosen selection of green toys, objects, fabrics,
paper and alternative energy sources, the photographs and articles in Green
Design illustrate what happens when green-minded lifestyles meet
well-designed, high quality products. Many of the examples in this book show
how successful business plans can flourish when ecological and social
responsibility are core considerations.

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Alternative Social Networking Site Launched

People who consider themselves alternative, holistic or green may have found a new spiritual home – online with Holistic Local, the web’s latest social networking venue and established directory for over 4,000 alternative businesses.

The popularity of web-based social networking sites like MySpace and Friendster, where users make friends and contacts according to preferences declared via an online profiling system, has spread beyond the mainstream thanks to holistic lifestyle website Holistic Local.

According to Andy Metcalfe, Internet visionary and co-founder of the site, the convergence of social networking and public interest in alternative and natural living is a head-on meeting of two of the world’s fastest growing social phenomena.

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EcoSystem Technology

Good for you. Good for the environment. The EcoSystem just makes sense. The EcoSystem Duo is the next-generation of energy efficient PC from Jinglehorse. This second generation EcoSystem is designed to utilize the tremendous power and efficiency of the Intel Core Duo processor to create a fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly dual-core system capable of satisfying the needs of even the most demanding computer user. Whereas high-end systems can use more than 350 watts during heavy use, the EcoSystem Duo requires only 44 watts for normal use and just 75 watts at full throttle. The Ecosystem Duo has the potential to save its owner hundreds of watts of energy use at all times.

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Latest Green Directory Listings

If you have a website, blog or online business that encompasses our sustainable or eco-friendly living philosophy, we’d love to include you in the Eco Street green directory, submit your link here. It’s FREE.

Blogs That Care

Green Is The New Black is a blog written by a suburban girl trying to tread lightly on the earth.

TreeHuggerz Blog keeps you up-to-date with TreeHuggerz info and Marvel’s general musings about motherhood, green living and frugality.

Long Living Organic puts worldwide organic news and information all in one place.

Green Shopping Resources

Anara is a great new parenting paraphernalia site selling organic nappies, fairtrade and wooden toys, and fairtrade baby slings and gifts. They offer a very reasonable shipping cost of £1 per order in the UK.

The Organic Farm is a producer, wholesaler and delivery scheme for organic fruit and vegetables, rare breed meats, dairy and eggs in the North East of England.

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Verde by Gwendolyn Davis: The Green Standard for Jewelry

Mention ecologically sustainable and socially responsible practices in industry and consumerism these days, and the subject typically turns to autos, energy sources and construction. Why worry about an inconsequential thing like an earring or a wedding band? According to designer Gwendolyn Davis, who has just launched Verde, her eco-friendly fashion jewelry line, worry we should and must. For her, the fact that the production of one gold ring can generate 20 tons of mine waste is cause enough for worry and reason enough for a grass roots reform movement in the 40 billion dollar jewelry industry.

Following the precept of Gandhi, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”, Ms. Davis has dedicated her life to introducing a little change in the way we think about and create fine jewelry and other luxury items.

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Latest Green Directory Listings

If you have a website, blog or online business that encompasses our sustainable or eco-friendly living philosophy, we’d love to include you in the Eco Street green directory, submit your link here. It’s FREE.

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Canada’s Plasco Energy Group are changing solid municipal waste into an energy-rich fuel using plasma gasification. This method is a safe way to dispose of hazardous waste and has been used for the past 20 years.

In Hong Kong, Biodera are making 100% organic and biodegradable vases and plant pots out of bamboo, straw and sugar cane. is a marketplace for products from small green businesses.

Find a green job with Guide Me Green.

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