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Earthship Workshop with Michael Reynolds

by EcoStreet March 14, 2013 EcoHouse

Here is an invitation to join Michael Reynolds, creator of the Earthship concept, for an Earthship workshop. The two-day hands-on  Earthship Biotecture Workshop will be held on April 12, 13, 14, 2013 at Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, California, 90027. Tickets are $200 a piece and seating is limited, so hurry if you want to attend. The […]

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EcoStreet ♥ recycled Hub Cap Creatures

by EcoStreet February 8, 2013 EcoArt

I’ve always admired the dragon made of recycled hubcaps that adorns the wall above the entrance desk at the Westy, my local arts and music centre. To my delight, the last time I visited to see a show, Ptolemy Elrington, the creator of the hubcap dragon was exhibiting his recycled creations there. In my opinion, […]

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Join the #BagBrigade to make Black Friday Greener…

by EcoStreet November 25, 2011 Activism

I just joined the #BagBrigade at The Green Life Online and pledged to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Tomorrow, millions of Americans will take to the shops and just think of all the plastic bags that don’t have to be used. Plastic bags have never been so un-fashionable.  And for good reason!  There […]

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Q: When is a Coke can an elephant (or possibly a giraffe)?

by EcoStreet May 13, 2011 EcoArt

A: When Farai’s had his creative way with it! Farai is a member of the Mother City Craft Collective, a collective of traffic-light crafters who you can see selling their wares as you drive through the streets of Cape Town.   This group of Zimbabwean crafters have joined forces to expand their market and create an […]

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EcoArt: recycled collage township scenes

by EcoStreet November 3, 2010 EcoArt

Alex Makumbe collects reclaimed chipboard and old cans to make his Cape Town scenes.   This is how he makes a living. Alex came to Cape Town from Harare in Zimbabwe 8 years ago and has been making a living as an African folk artist selling his work at the traffic lights ever since. Recently Alex […]

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Pretty things made of plastic bottles

by EcoStreet September 15, 2010 EcoArt

I’m constantly awed and  inspired by the amazing artists that share their work online, and two of my favourite artists who make art out of materials that some would throw away are Cynthia Korzekwa and Janet Botes.  Do go and have a look at their work, because if this blog post interests you, these ladies […]

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EcoArt: Helmut Smits’ tin can drum kit

by EcoStreet September 5, 2010 EcoArt

Title: Drum Kit Year: 2003 Materials: tin cans, metal wire Dimensions: L 27 cm W 22 cm H 16 cm [Recyclart]

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