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Plastic, or food?

by EcoStreet February 7, 2011 Climate Change

A close up of an ocean sample from the North Atlantic Gyre (slow rotating whirlpools in which plastic trash can accumulate), showing both pieces of plastic and zooplankton. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. Fish and other marine organisms often can’t. We currently recover only 5% of the plastics we produce. What happens […]

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Tiny Houses & the Shed Project

by EcoStreet August 2, 2010 Activism

I’ve long been interested in the tiny house movement and admired the homes and the resolve of those who live in them.  I am particularly fond of tiny houses with wheels, but that is another story altogether.   My family of four has recently moved into a smaller house (all four of us, plus the two […]

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I’m loving

by EcoStreet July 11, 2010 Activism describes itself as an organic, self-organising network of people interested in green living and/or who work in the environmental field. It’s a great place to meet people who view the environment the way you do. I’ve attended the Newlands meet-up at Josephine Mill before, and met a guy who builds wind turbines in his […]

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UK Giveaway: Green Living Guide

by EcoStreet July 8, 2010 Competitions

I have another great green giveaway for you. Dennis Publishing and Magbook are giving away 5 copies of their new Green Living Guide by Hugh Bowring to EcoStreet readers. Did you know that… Turning down the thermostat by 1C can save you around £40 a year on heating bills? Switching to energy efficient light bulbs […]

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Earth Day giveaway: Five Powered Green Energy Seals

by EcoStreet April 22, 2010 Competitions

It’s Earth Day today, and I’m delighted to be giving away five Energy Seals, worth $16 each, from the very generous Powered Green to 5 of our US readers. An Energy Seal is a sticker made from recycled aluminium that represents a carbon offset for a computer. Each Energy Seal symbolizes that renewable energy sources […]

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I do 30 – do you?

by EcoStreet February 3, 2010 Activism

During the recent UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen our world leaders failed to agree on a climate deal. But we all know it’s not only up to them and there are plenty of things that we mere mortals can do to make an impact on climate change. As consumers, we need to take responsibilility for […]

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Win tickets to see ‘Radical Nature’ at the Barbican

by EcoStreet October 2, 2009 Activism

We’re giving away two tickets to see ‘Radical Nature‘ at the Barbican in London. It’s the first exhibition to bring together key figures across different generations who have created utopian works and inspiring solutions for our ever-changing planet. Radical Nature draws on ideas that have emerged out of Land Art, environmental activism, experimental architecture and […]

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