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COPArt Live!

If I was in London this weekend, COPArt is where I’d like to be.

COPArt Live! Bank Holiday Monday (3 May, 10.30am)

Londoners interested in the environment and looking for some bank holiday fun are invited to attend a free event that will mix art and music at the Village Underground in Shoreditch on Monday 3rd May from 10:30am to 9:00pm.

Visitors to COPArt Live! can create their own work of art and witness the making of a mural and sculptures by five young local artists. All pieces of art created before 6:00pm on the day will be exhibited from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and will then be collated to form COPArt – a large digital montage and visual petition for action against climate change.

COPArt was officially launched at the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in November 2009. Hundreds of people have already contributed.  It is organised by Climate Squad, a project run by environmental charity Global Action Plan and funded by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and v, the National Young Volunteer Service.

Kate Lyons of Global Action Plan called  COPArt a forum for young people to express their views on climate change and demonstrate what they are doing about it in their communities.

UK readers: lookout for a UK-exclusive giveaway, coming on Monday.