Fancy a drop?


What do you get when you take a product of our fear of terrorism, cut a bit off and tumble it around in a cement mixer with some sand, and then add some creative magic? Stuart Haygarth tried it and ended up with a striking chandelier. He collected 1800 confiscated plastic water bottles from Stansted Airport, and transformed them into a drop shaped chandelier which he exhibited at Design Miami 2007.




[via: dezeen]

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  1. At last, someone taking positive steps to make something useful out of junk. A beautiful lightshade has got to beat bent plastic bottles scattered along the roadside.

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  3. This is hardly the first idea of it’s kind. People have been reusing junk to make art since at least the Pop Art movement began. You don’t need a cement mixer either, anything that will move the sand and bottles around in a constant motion will give the bottles that frosted look.

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