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Joan Pick, sustainable woman

Joan PickWhile she was working as a scientist advising on energy efficiency, Joan Pick radically changed her life. She hasn’t flown since 1971, and hasn’t been in a motor vehicle since 1973 (except for a trip in an ambulance and one in a funeral car). Joan runs and walks everywhere from her home in Croydon, she has made it as far north as the Tower of London, and as far south as Reigate.

Joan doesn’t watch TV, heat her home, or even cook her food. She eats raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds and she doesn’t go on holiday.

Joan Pick told The Daily Mail newspaper: ‘I have to experiment with the energy efficient lifestyle to prove it’s survivable. Everyone has a unique function in this life, and mine is as a pioneer of personal energy efficiency.”

She has also given up men, saying that she is impossible to live with.

Imagine what life would be like living with Joan:

  • No TV
  • No heating
  • Only raw food
  • Make your own clothes
  • Walk and run everywhere, no cars, no buses, no aeroplanes
  • Tea with condensed milk

That’s dedication.

Photo credit: The Times

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