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Join the Treevolution to help plant 5000 trees

Did you know that Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world?

Greenpop do, and they’re doing something about it… in July this year they will be hosting a three-week reforestation and eco-education project in Livingstone, Zambia.  The project is called Trees for Zambia and it will see over 5000 trees being planted in 3 weeks by voluntourists from around the world, local school children and subsistence farmers.

To be part of this exciting project, you can…

  1. Volunteer to plant some trees
  2. Gift a tree, or many trees
  3. Get your company to support the programme as part of their CSR

To find out more details about the project and how to get involved,  visit Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia project page.