Jurdy gets a proper welcome

by EcoStreet on April 28, 2008

in EcoArt

Jurdy GreenIt’s been some months now since Jurdy first appeared on the scene at EcoStreet to provide some comic relief to the otherwise very serious issue of global warming and what we’re going to do about it. He’s become a regular feature here on a Monday morning, so it’s about time that you were introduced to him properly.

Jurdy is the alter-ego of Jenifer Jurden, who was influenced by her long-time syndicated editorial cartoonist father Jack Jurden from an early age. So early, in fact, that she was drawing before she could walk. At the age of eight, after noticing the character that featured at the bottom of her father’s cartoons, she decided to create a character of her own, and Jurdy was born. Over the years, a strong friendship formed between this dynamic duo, with the recent development of Jurdy going green, to mirror Jenifer’s own green convictions.

Jenifer created Jurdy to be a universally appealing, engaging and recognizable character in hopes of reaching a world-wide audience. She and Jurdy currently help us laugh through the eco-frenzy of our everyday lives every Monday here at EcoStreet, and now also at her new website, Jurdy Green, where Jurdy will guide us to green successes while we laugh along the way.

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Solar Energy May 10, 2008 at 10:45 pm

What a lovely site with great posts. I particularly like the cute Jurdy character!


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