Seaval’s sustainable bamboo sunglasses

by EcoStreet on March 14, 2013

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Seaval, the sustainable surfwear brand, have just launched these stylish all-new bamboo sunglasses. They are the ultimate in ethical fashion and come in two ergonomic designs.

How the sunglasses are made

The bamboo is sourced from sustainable forests and bamboo scrap that would otherwise go to waste. In the manufacturing process, lots of long thin strands of bamboo are compressed into thin plates. These plates are compiled and shaped into the sunglasses, so there is very little room for waste, and no need for heavy energy-inefficient machinery to cut pieces out of thick blocks. The bamboo plates are coated with organic substances and they end up waterproof (and they float!) so perfect for swimming or surfing.

sustainable bamboo sunglasses from Seaval

Light original bamboo sunglasses

How you can own a pair of these stylish bamboo sunglasses

You can get your hands on a pair of these bamboo sunglasses and support some great marine wildlife projects at the same time…

Seaval are passionate about stopping the invasion of lionfish that are threatening the reef and local fish species in the Caribbean. They also need your help to protect dolphins from slaughter in Japan. So they will donate $5 to these causes for every pair of sunglasses sold.
Click here to visit the fundraising page to support these essential marine projects and get hold of your bamboo sunglasses.

sustainable bamboo sunglasses

Dark diver bamboo sunglasses

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