Eco-DIY: recycle old gutters into a vertical garden

by EcoStreet May 8, 2009 EcoDIY

When Suzanne Forsling moved from the US Midwest to Alaska, she discovered this novel idea for keeping her salad crops off the cold ground and away from critters who messed with them. She used new guttering, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use old guttering, either that from your own home, or from a […]

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Frizzle sizzle, splish splash

by EcoStreet April 30, 2009 EcoKids

A groovy alternative to plastic toy kitchens for little eco-warriors, these are just the coolest toy kitchens yet. The frizzle sizzle toy stove/cooker (above) and the splish splash sink (below) are made by rafinesse & tristesse from recycled olive oil and other tins. They make stuff for grown-ups too. Take a look at these tin […]

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