The Headlines from the Green Blogosphere Tool

by Mark Brandon on March 9, 2006

in Sustainable Lifestyle

Headlines from the Green Blogosphere Tool

Al over at City Hippy told me that the best way to reach the Green Blogosphere was to contribute to it. Last week, I released a tool, which you can see in action on the right pane of the Ecostreet blog. It is the tool with the “Headlines from the Green Blogosphere” heading. The tool currently incorporates about 10 feeds, including the most well-trafficked Green blogs. Sites such as City Hippy, Triple Pundit, Enviropundit, Two Steps Forward, Gil Friend, and of course, EcoStreet stream their headlines into the tool via an RSS meta-digest.

The purpose of the tool is to cross-promote Green blogging and the people behind the blogs. Inclusion in the feed is not necessarily limited to the those sites mentioned above. We hope that we can syndicate the tool to all Green blogs, and also include the best, high quality content into the meta-digest. The more the tool is displayed, the more it will be picked up by other green bloggers, the more cross-pollination traffic happens, the more everyone’s boat gets lifted in a rising tide. Everybody wins, and nobody gets charged. Moreover, your site can benefit from both the quantity and quality of incoming links and search engine spidering.

Incorporating the feed into your site is easy. You can retrieve the HTML snippet by clicking here. Fill out a form letting us know your email and feed url, and you’re done.

Since releasing this tool last Thursday, several sites have picked it up, and hits to the tool have been increasing exponentially as new sites pick it up and add their traffic. We think it has legs. If you’re a blogger, you should pick it up.

Mark Brandon is the author of the Sustainable Log Newsletter, and the Managing Partner of First Sustainable, a registered investment advisory catering to socially responsible investors.

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Tracy Stokes March 9, 2006 at 8:36 pm

Cracking good idea Mark. Thanks.


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