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Huge Impact of Reducing Packaging

envirobox logoNature’s Path produce a range of organic breakfast cereals in Canada. They claim to have always been concerned about their use of packaging. To that extent, they offer bulk packs of most of their cereal products and always use recycled cardboard to package them. One of their latest sustainability initiative includes resizing their cereal boxes which reduces the packaging by 10%. Find out about their other sustainability initiatives here.

Reducing our package size by 10% lessens our yearly impact upon the earth by saving over 700,000 gallons of water, 500,000 KWh of energy, and 75 tons of paperboard

In the spirit of reducing energy consumption and saving water this simple yet brilliant idea goes a long way to achieve these goals. I wonder how much energy, water and paper could be saved if mainstream breakfast cereal manufacturers reduced the empty space inside their boxes?

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