12 uses for used plastic milk bottles

milk-bottle.jpg Frugal Dad reuses before he recycles, and he has shared his expertise with us lesser mortals in a great blog post about how to reuse plastic milk bottles. Here are his great ideas.

1. Collect rainwater to irrigate gardens.
2. Cut milk jug in half and use top as a a funnel for pouring motor oil.
3. Cut off handled section to use as dog food scooper.
4. Make powdered drinks and juices.
5. Use as a paint cup for trim work or small paint jobs.
6. Use milk jugs to store granulated yard products such as ant killer.
7. Homemade toilet brush holder.
8. Store foods.
9. Refrigerator organizer.
10. Portable freezer.
11. Industrial strength paper weight.
12. Plant starter containers.

Read more about how to reuse plastic milk bottles at Frugal Dad.

12 Household Uses for Used Plastic Containers [Frugal Dad]

Photo credit: Jim Broughton

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  1. good list, except 6. Use milk jugs to store granulated yard products such as ant killer.

    We have a rule that food storage containers are never reused to store anything dangerous, even if they’re kept well away from children. If a child found it they wouldn’t think anything of taking a swig because they’re used to seeing the containers in the kitchen. I know it sounds paranoid!

  2. Yeah, I had to stop on number 6 too. Pouring chemicals on ant hills is not the most environmentally friendly practice I can think of. I don’t think there should be a need to store granulated anything, well maybe sugar, but lets eliminate the chemicals from our practices.

  3. My name is Joanne Riddle and I am a student studying for my MA in Design at the University of Teesside. I am currently collaborating with another student, Ondrej Lewis and we have developed a concept for recycling large quantities of PET and HDPE bottles. We have made a 600 bottle chandelier / lighting installation which is currently on display at the University of Teesside. We are exhibiting at New Designers, London , 10th-13th July 2008.

  4. I also cut an opening in mine and use the container to store old batteries, the new light bulbs that can’t be thrown away and old medication. That way I always have an easy place to put those things that I have to store until haz trash pickup. I store all of that in a locked cabinet out of the children’s reach.

  5. If anybody is interested in viewing Ateliero’s new EcoPETlite concept designs at New Designers, London, 10th-13th July 2008, we will look forward to seeing you there- Stand P40A.

    We have new exciting designs which we need mountains of old bottles for! There is a real feel good factor in the making of these pieces. They are truely beautiful pieces of lighting, reminiscent of stained glass, however the main thing is that every piece we make, stops another several hundred bottles going to landfill!

    See http://www.ateliero.co.uk for some seriously cool, lightweight, recycled lighting solutions.
    Kind regards
    Jo & Ondrej – Ateliero

  6. The plastic bottles used for laundry soap are usually used by diabetics and anyone else that has to do daily injections with needles. The thick plastic protects against needles poking through.

  7. Those are great uses, always better to recycle were one can, as a gardener I use them for new seedlings and it really helps get the little seeds a start in growth, as this is when they need all the protection that they need.
    I do like the other uses and might just try some out.

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