Under the shadow of the Drax coal-fired power station, activists at the Camp for Climate Action began civil disobedience training yesterday. This is part of preparations for Thursday’s mass action which plans to shut down Drax. The training (and the camp itself) are open to the public, and people are urged to come down and participate. “We are already feeling the destructive effects of a climate which is in crisis, and the time for action is now. I urge people to come to the camp, learn more about climate change and ways to live sustainably. And perhaps even to help shut down Drax!” added Emma Pegg, 29, who just arrived at the camp from Leeds. Yesterday’s training focussed on “tools and tactics for blockading”, and groups met throughout the day to plan their contribution to the big day of mass action. Other workshops included “Climate science for kids”, and “How to count and cut your carbon”.

The BBC reports that hundreds of protestors attended the first few days of the climate camp, and that they want to shut down the site, saying that it is the largest UK emitter of CO2.

From the BBC‘s report:

Although their camp is just outside the power station boundaries, a campaign spokeswoman said protesters may decide to enter the site next week in a bid to force it to close.

Anna Harrison said individuals would decide whether they were prepared to risk arrest by joining the “day of creative mass action” on 31 August, when demonstrators will converge on the site with the aim of forcing it to shut down.

She said: “I can’t speak for everyone else but I do know that a lot of people feel so strongly that they are prepared to break the law.

“The issue of climate change is so urgent that lots of people are prepared to step out of line to make a stand.”

The power station has secured an injunction prohibiting any trespassing on the site and restricting the use of a nearby footpath.