cynthia korzekwa

Bricolage is my favourite word

by Tracy Stokes February 19, 2013 EcoArt

bricolage (bri·co·lage) n. (in art or literature) Construction or creation from a diverse range of available things. Something constructed or created in this way. The artist Cynthia Korzekwa introduced me to this word a few years ago, and the word and its sentiment have made a lasting impression on me.  I love the way the word […]

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The importance of being vegan: World Vegan Day

by Tracy Stokes November 1, 2007 Activism

Today is World Vegan Day 2007 and this year the Vegan Society is asking “Is it green to eat meat?”. The answer that they’ve come up with is a resounding NO. Here’s why. You use much less land and water if you eat crops directly. Animals use most of the protein they eat to live, […]

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One frame one tree: e-photoframes plant a tree for each frame sold

by Tracy Stokes October 28, 2007 Sustainable Lifestyle

In this digital age we can find that all of our photographs end up on our computers and not being displayed the way that they would traditionally have been. Obviously, digital photography has meant that we don’t print out all of our dud photographs anymore and that’s good for the environment, but there are some […]

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Do the green thing

by Tracy Stokes October 25, 2007 Sustainable Lifestyle

green thing is an online community that encourages you (by sending you hilarious videos) to do something green every month. October’s green thing is to walk, once (you can do it more often if you want to). Sign up for your video reminders to do a green thing, and then all you need to do […]

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Jimi wallets: we’re giving them away

by Tracy Stokes October 24, 2007 EcoReview

The new big small thing in wallets. Jimi’s are probably the smallest, eco-friendliest wallets around, and that’s not the only reason you should have one. If you’re one of those eco-hunks (or even eco-geeks) who doesn’t like having a wallet in the first place because they get wet when you’re cycling, or running, or single-handedly […]

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Shop Less – Live More: Buy Nothing Day 2007

by Tracy Stokes October 24, 2007 Activism

We’re giving you a whole month’s notice to prepare for this year’s Buy Nothing Day. In case you’re new to it, Buy Nothing Day is one day out of the 365 days of the year when you challenge yourself, and your family and your mates to stop shopping for a whole 24 hours. That’s right, […]

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Solar Power at Home: A Good Energy Film

by Tracy Stokes October 23, 2007 EcoEnergy

An ordinary couple decide to become self-sufficient. Advertisement: Reduce your CO2 footprint by as much as 2 tonnes/year & save up to £150 on your energy bills.

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