Australians challenge government to do something useful

by EcoStreet on June 27, 2008

in Activism

Australian writer, performer, director and broadcaster Dan Ilic was kind enough to let us know about his latest television advertisement that is taking Australia by storm. It started off as a viral video on the internet, but it struck such a chord with Australians that they raised enough money to have it broadcast on prime time TV.

The ad attacks a government initiative to lock in fuel prices for the coming day and display them online for consumers. This of course is a waste of time and money, because as the world runs out of oil the prices will continue to climb. The initiative is being seen as an avoidance tactic, sidestepping the real problem and avoiding a real solution.


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solicitor in bulgaria July 3, 2008 at 12:52 am

It seems promising to me that a video with such a progressive tone could get onto the airwaves in The Land of Oz. Too bad nothing similar happens in the US.


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