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Bags of eco-friendly goodness

I am repeatedly blown away by the beautiful eco-friendly goods out there,  thanks to the work of some remarkable creative peeps.    Here are some handbags that I’ve been coveting lately.

1. The ‘Hyphen’ Upcycled Seatbelt Bag, $35.00 USD, interrobang on Etsy
2. Cajun spice recycled felted wool shoulder bag, $50.00 USD, mtodonnel on Etsy
3. the sidekick wristlet clutch made of recycled materials, $47.00 USD, burjeune on Etsy
4. Cafes Do Brasil Organic Coffee Sling Bag made of recycled and organic materials, $66.00 USD, thewren on Etsy
5. Purple Warrior Bag made of recycled materials, $125.00 USD, Melissajoynyc on Etsy
6. Eco-friendly Hemp Bag with Songbird, $45.00 USD, Uzura on Etsy
7. Small Mod Bag made from leather and suede remnants and scraps, $130.00 USD, humade on Etsy
8. Eco-Lola 15 made from organic fabric, $105.00 USD, Zaum
9. Upcycled DURIAN eco-friendly leather bag, $110.00 USD, hoakonhelga on Etsy

For more eco-friendly handbags, check out Canopy Verde, Zaum and Etsy’s Bags and Purses section.