Climate Change

I do 30 – do you?

by EcoStreet February 3, 2010 Activism

During the recent UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen our world leaders failed to agree on a climate deal. But we all know it’s not only up to them and there are plenty of things that we mere mortals can do to make an impact on climate change. As consumers, we need to take responsibilility for […]

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Win tickets to see ‘Radical Nature’ at the Barbican

by EcoStreet October 2, 2009 Activism

We’re giving away two tickets to see ‘Radical Nature‘ at the Barbican in London. It’s the first exhibition to bring together key figures across different generations who have created utopian works and inspiring solutions for our ever-changing planet. Radical Nature draws on ideas that have emerged out of Land Art, environmental activism, experimental architecture and […]

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Find out the Future of Green from those in the know

by EcoStreet September 25, 2009 Climate Change

Ever wondered what the future of green looks like? Insider Trends has, and it’s set up an event to find out the answer. It’s called ‘Interesting Things For Interesting People: The Future of Green’, and it’ll be a fast, furious ‘speed presentation’ night. In central London on the evening of Tuesday 27th October, 8 green […]

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Sustainable Design Starts with Trees

by EcoStreet August 5, 2009 Climate Change

The most distinctive quality of the urban environment lies in its landscape. Each individual city has its own sense of character, unique infrastructure, and physical presence. As the urban setting becomes increasingly advanced, we are leaving behind our roots – the tree canopy coverage in the developed city is declining. At present, many of world’s greatest cities lack substantial plant life. […]

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Wake up… Take action NOW

by EcoStreet April 3, 2009 Activism

Concerned Londoners last week handed out copies of a spoof Financial Times, urging journalists and big business to make the future possible by putting people first.   Set in 2020, the 12-page paper revealed how action in 2009 reined in climate change, saving billions from extinction.   Carbon rationing didn’t kill us, it explained, despite the […]

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Science fiction and pragmatism

by EcoStreet March 5, 2009 Climate Change

This is a guest post by Dr Gary Robertshaw of The Green Providers Directory. Reading through some scientific papers recently I was struck by the many, well-intentioned ideas for tackling climate change. These included solar arrays in space beaming back microwave energy to Earth, burying charcoal, pumping iron into the oceans and various ingenious devices […]

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Is economic growth sustainable?

by EcoStreet January 26, 2009 Activism

This is a guest post by Dr Gary Robertshaw of The Green Providers Directory. The debate surrounding the extent to which the burning of fossil fuels leads to climate change misses a more fundamental point. That is, fossil fuels are an inherently finite resource. This resource is dwindling at an accelerating rate as economies such […]

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