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George Monbiot challenges Yvo de Boer to do better

by EcoStreet December 13, 2008 Climate Change

Another top story from the Real News.

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US President-Elect Obama is serious about climate change

by EcoStreet November 20, 2008 Climate Change

What a refreshing change from the old order of US government, I hope that the UK will be maintaining their “special relationship” with US now that the shrub has been ousted. Who knows, Gordon Brown might even learn something from the new guy. Watch this, you’ll like it. It gave me goosebumps. [via: ecorazzi]

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Coalfinger: Greenpeace’s latest campaign

by EcoStreet November 15, 2008 Activism

Greenpeace bring us their latest campaign, Coalfinger. Their video on YouTube tells the story of how Special Agent Green battles the evil coal magnate Coalfinger to stop him covering the world in coal-fired power stations. Watch the video and visit [via: The Ecologist]

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Jonathon Porritt bags environmental award

by EcoStreet November 14, 2008 Climate Change

Jonathon Porritt, green thinker, was dubbed environmental personality of the year at the edie’s Awards for Environmental Excellence. Now in their second year, the awards were held at London’s Natural History Museum on Thursday. From the edie news feed: Jonathon Porritt, founder director of Forum for the Future and chairman of the government-backed UK Sustainable […]

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Eco-review: The Big Earth Book by James Bruges

by EcoStreet November 3, 2008 Climate Change

The Big Earth Book by James Bruges, published by Alistair Sawday Don’t miss our Big Earth Book giveaway below! As we see massive changes rocking our planet, James Bruges takes us step by step through how we got here. In what is surely going to be considered the layman’s environmental reference book on the state […]

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Your last chance to help shape the Climate Change Bill

by EcoStreet October 10, 2008 Activism

In just a few weeks time, MPs will vote on the Climate Change Bill and this is your final opportunity to have a say in what the UK’s response to climate change will be. You can do this by asking your MP to support amendments committing us to emissions cuts of at least 80% by […]

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