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Chicago’s Conscious Caterer™ offers tips for green entertaining

gregchristiansalad.jpgThis is a guest post by Greg Christian, Chicago’s Conscious Caterer™ and pioneer of the Organic School Project. Greg has been catering fresh, gourmet cuisine for the past 16 years. In addition to providing healthy, sustainable cuisine, Greg Christian is committed to on and off-site composting and recycling. His newly launched “Greening of Events” service program practices water conservation, offers re-usable living botanical centrepieces and donates un-served foods to local food banks.

What you can do to entertain green at home

As consumers become more aware of their environmental impact, they are rightfully looking for simple ways to reduce. Below are some ideas for consumers to make a difference when hosting parties!

1. Consider buying local food directly from farmers. It takes a little more planning and you will need to be a little more flexible about what you are going to serve as it will need to depend on what is available at the market. Go to the farmers market and put together a local vegetable tray and now you can buy all kinds of meat and cheeses there. If you can talk to the farmer, pick up a story about the farm that you can share with your guests at the party.

2. Another good place to start being green is using real plates and glasses even if the plates don’t match, use real plates and dishes – instead of disposable.

3. Buy local beverages at the grocery store, you can get locally made beers, wines and often sodas.
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