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How sustainable farming techniques can help combat food scarcity

by EcoStreet March 8, 2013 Conservation

This is a guest post by Tim Sissons of William Morfoot, land drainage experts in the UK, who discusses how sustainable farming techniques are better for the environment and can help increase food security levels. From land drainage to crop rotation. How sustainable farming techniques can help combat food scarcity. Food security levels Increasing pressure is being […]

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Quick giveaway: WOMAD tickets courtesy of Cafédirect

by EcoStreet July 21, 2010 Competitions

This summer, ethical coffee pioneer, Cafédirect has collaborated with UK designer Wayne Hemingway to create the Cafédirect Container House, an innovative pop-up eco-home offering complimentary coffee from Cafédirect’s gourmet Roast and Ground range across summer festivals and events. It will be at WOMAD this weekend and we have teamed up with them to offer a […]

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by EcoStreet April 30, 2010 EcoFood

The new sharecropping has popped up on the internet.  There’s a great article on Treehugger about, a website that “helps match up prospective gardeners to those with gardens, for free”. It’s an obvious problem in urban and suburban jungles around the country: many people are eager to garden but have nowhere to indulge their […]

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How to make solar-tea

by EcoStreet December 21, 2009 EcoDIY

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the right time of year to cook up a brew of solar tea. Remember, your kettle is one of the biggest energy vampire gadgets you’ve probably got, so change the way you make your tea this summer? You’ve heard of slow food, this is slow tea. Step 1: You’ll […]

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Rainy Day Kids’ Activity: Sowing winter veg

by EcoStreet June 25, 2009 EcoFood

Piper and I have been sowing seeds for winter vegetables this afternoon. It’s fun to do with children of any age when outside is stormy and wet, and inside is a much nicer prospect. Northern hemisphere folks sow summer veg for a school holiday activity. Learning to grow vegetables is a valuable and important life […]

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Local is lekker, imported is bad for the planet

by EcoStreet June 24, 2009 EcoFood

Mark Berger put into words a couple of weeks ago something that I’ve been thinking since being back in South Africa, and that is that South African’s appear to be suffering under “a massive countrywide inferiority complex.” One particular area that I’ve noticed this, and one that Mark didn’t include in his blog post, is […]

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EcoFood: Butternut, spinach and feta quiche

by EcoStreet June 16, 2009 EcoFood

It’s vegetarian recipe day here at EcoStreet because eating less meat is better for our planet. Today I’m sharing with you a recipe that I improvised after eating something similar at Millstone Cafe at the Oude Molen Eco Village. I’m not 100% sure what goes into their version of this, but here’s what goes into […]

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