Permaculture finding the middle ground

by EcoStreet April 30, 2010 EcoFood

The new sharecropping has popped up on the internet.  There’s a great article on Treehugger about, a website that “helps match up prospective gardeners to those with gardens, for free”. It’s an obvious problem in urban and suburban jungles around the country: many people are eager to garden but have nowhere to indulge their […]

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Countdown to Planting Season

by EcoStreet June 15, 2009 EcoFood

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere the shortest day of the year less than a week away, and we’re counting down to planting season. Just this past weekend in the rain, my lovely husband was chopping a great chunk out of the lawn so that I can start planting fruit and vegetables in our new […]

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Abalimi Bezekhaya: Cape Town’s urban organic farmers

by EcoStreet June 10, 2009 Activism

One Tuesday a few weeks ago I accompanied Duncan Drennan (The Art of Engineering), Duncan’s beautifully pregnant wife Donne, Pia Taylor (Mother City Living), Stefan (a lecturer in applied mathematics at Stellenbosch) and Ruan (a helicopter pilot in training) on a tour of the Fezeka community garden in Gugulethu and the Harvest of Hope packing […]

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How to polish your shoes with a banana

by EcoStreet April 17, 2009 Permaculture

An organic alternative to shoe polish. Being someone who’s into using fruit for purposes other than eating (I like eating it too), this video really tickled my fancy. I am definitely not going to be buying shoe polish any more. Home Remedies:How To Polish Shoes With A Banana [ad#468×60]

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Have your flowers, and eat them!

by EcoStreet April 14, 2009 EcoFood

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris. You don’t have to be a farmer to grow your own food, just a little patch in your back garden should enable you to grow a fair bit of your own produce. But some […]

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Permaculture: what is it and what can it do for you?

by Tracy Stokes October 17, 2007 Permaculture

The term “permaculture” was coined in 1978 by Bill Mollison, an Australian ecologist, and one of his students, David Holmgren. It is a contraction of “permanent agriculture” or “permanent culture” and involves the harmonious integration of landscape and people to provide food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. The […]

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Steamy, hot and dirty… compost

by Tracy Stokes October 3, 2007 Permaculture

Scott Meister presents a video explaining how to make compost with the Berkley Thermophilic Compost method. This method of composting takes advantage of thermophilic bacteria that quickly breakdown waste and turn it into nutritious black gold for your garden in around 18 days. Scott runs the The Potato House Permaculture Pension near Lake Yamanaka, the […]

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