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Eco DIY: cereal box pencil case

Terracycle’s Tiffany Threadgould shares a super groovy cereal box pencil case tutorial at Craft:.  Cool, innit? Quick Craft: Cereal Box Pencil Case [Craft:] [ad#google]

Eco DIY: reclaimed vase

I was so pleased to find this reclaimed vase tutorial on Craft: recently.  It’s the perfect way for me to reuse laundry detergent bottles that can’t be recycled where I live.  Beautiful, isn’t it? Flashback: Reclaimed Vase [Craft:] [ad#google]

Recycled rebar nesting tables

I love the industrial look of these nesting tables by So’mace and Wuttke Werks. They’re made of reclaimed whitewashed Douglas Fir and recycled rebar in Hawaii. Recycled rebar nesting tables [design*sponge] [ad#google]