Delays and holidays

by EcoStreet on June 7, 2010

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Things have been a little on the upside-down side for me lately. I moved house Friday before last, and it’s taken Telkom a week to realise that the ADSL line that they installed at my new house, wasn’t actually installed at all. So I’ve been without the internet for a week, resulting in the giveaway draw being announced late, and this week’s giveaway being postponed for a few days. I’ve also not posted a few of the posts that I’ve got ready for you, because WordPress won’t let me put pictures in my posts. I’ve tried my best, but I’m not very technically minded, so there won’t be any pretty posts with images showing up here until my hip-geek sister and partner-in-EcoStreet Nikki gets back from her trip to Israel tomorrow.

Update: Hooray, I seem to have solved the image issue, so posting will resume.

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