Review of fruit and vegetable teethers

by EcoStreet March 19, 2011 EcoKids

    Message to mummies! If you are looking for fantastic teethers I would like to share with you some of the best I have found. We are delighted to be stocking the vegetable and fruit collection from Under the Nile they are just so cool. The green bean is a firm favourite because it’s […]

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Delays and holidays

by EcoStreet June 7, 2010 Uncategorised

Things have been a little on the upside-down side for me lately. I moved house Friday before last, and it’s taken Telkom a week to realise that the ADSL line that they installed at my new house, wasn’t actually installed at all. So I’ve been without the internet for a week, resulting in the giveaway […]

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Carnival of the Green # 214!

by EcoStreet February 18, 2010 Uncategorised

Welcome to the 214th edition of the Carnival of the Green. This will probably be my last Carnival of the Green post, because I’m moving away from blogging to explore other creative pursuits. So, all nostalgic, I was looking back through EcoStreet’s archives at Carnival of the Green #13 that we hosted back in February […]

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If you’ve wondered why EcoStreet now has a more African feel

by EcoStreet June 15, 2009 Uncategorised

For those of you, treasured readers, who have always looked to EcoStreet for green titbits (I love that word) of the British variety, but have noticed that the flavour has been distinctly African of late, here’s a belated explanation for you. Although I spent 13 years in England (which is where I was living when […]

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Take this survey for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher

by EcoStreet January 8, 2009 Uncategorised

As part of the Guardian publisher network (we are one of many independent websites who work with the Guardian to sell advertising on our sites), we’re asking EcoStreet readers to take part in a survey that will tell us more about you, what interests you, and what sort of information and services you want. The […]

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Jurdy’s green points programme

by EcoStreet October 6, 2008 Uncategorised

For more green laughs, visit Jurdy Green.

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Nigel’s Green Web Awards

by EcoStreet August 6, 2008 Uncategorised

Nigel’s Eco Store, purveyors of all things lovely and green, have announced the winners of the first every Nigel’s 2008 Green Web Awards. I was delighted when Nigel asked me to be one of the judges (who wouldn’t be pleased to be included in a list of judges so green, so esteemed). And then imagine […]

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