EcoReview: How Green Are My Wellies?

by EcoStreet on July 26, 2008

in EcoReview

Anna Shepard is no granola-munching hippie. She’s the hip and stylish green girl next door who writes the Eco-Worrier column for the Sunday Times, the Eco-Worrier blog, and she’s just published a new book, How Green Are My Wellies?

Anna comes from a family of frugal women, and so took to eco-living like a duck to water. In her own words, she “finds living green to be more life-enhancing than difficult or expensive”. Anna dishes out advice that she’s tested thoroughly herself, as well as frugal (and eco-friendly) nuggets passed down to her by her mother and grandmother.

In How Green Are My Wellies?, Anna tackles one lifestyle change per month. She explores different methods for greening her life, discarding those that don’t work, and recommending those that do. As you read along, month-by-month, you’ll be encouraged to join Anna to achieve a seasonal green target, and learn, as Anna has, how to green your life without having to compromise on style.

This book will make a great gift for aspiring environmentalists, especially at Christmas time to encourage green New Year’s resolutions. From slimming your waste in January to stepping off the seasonal treadmill in December, following Anna’s lead with make the world of difference to your environmental impact by taking your life in a new and greener direction.

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