3 Amazing Eco Laptops

by EcoStreet February 26, 2011 EcoReview

Committed green warriors pride themselves on limiting their negative impact on the environment, but they often forget about the damage that power-hungry laptop PCs can do to the Earth. We all use computers daily and those machines tend to suck up a lot of juice. In addition, toxic chemicals and elements are often used in […]

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Crank it up baby: a look at 10 eco-friendly wind up flashlights

by EcoStreet June 7, 2010 EcoEnergy

This is a guest post by D. Salmons over at TestFreaks, where you can find everything from laptop rankings to hd camcorder reviews. Remember the good old days, when you went out on an adventure and took along extra batteries (if you were thinking ahead) just so you wouldn’t run out of lighting. Well, not […]

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Eco review: The Book of Rubbish Ideas

by EcoStreet February 11, 2009 EcoReview

In her Book of Rubbish Ideas, Tracey Smith takes us room by room through our homes and shows us how to reduce waste, or rather, how to reduce the amount of waste that we are sending to landfill. In the first part of the book, Tracey explains all about the history of rubbish, how rubbish […]

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Eco-review: Terracycle cleaning products

by EcoStreet December 17, 2008 EcoHouse

Terracycle has introduced a line of cleaners (All Purpose, Bathroom, Window, Degreaser and Drain), all with the Eco-friendly TerraChoice Certified Zerofootprint Seal. These cleaners, comparable to chemical cleaners, are packaged in recycled or ‘out-of-spec” soda bottles. I went to work on my mirrors and my car windows this weekend, and after a minor mishap with […]

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Eco-review: Terracycle office products

by EcoStreet December 15, 2008 EcoReview

I was asked to review some products from TerraCycle, and to my joy found it to be stationery. I’m a Gemini, I love stationery. I collected stickers, paper, erasers, pens, in fact any type of stationery as a child, and still do have those tendencies, but I digress. Item #1 is an Eco-Binder, made out […]

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Eco-review: ECOBags

by EcoStreet December 11, 2008 EcoReview

This is a guest post by Carolyn Algar. For the past few weeks, I have been taking an ECOBag along with me on my shopping sprees (unfortunately these days shopping sprees involve a lot more window shopping). I have their standard wide natural canvas tote, but they do carry a wide range of other bags, […]

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Eco-review: The Big Earth Book by James Bruges

by EcoStreet November 3, 2008 Climate Change

The Big Earth Book by James Bruges, published by Alistair Sawday Don’t miss our Big Earth Book giveaway below! As we see massive changes rocking our planet, James Bruges takes us step by step through how we got here. In what is surely going to be considered the layman’s environmental reference book on the state […]

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