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EcoStreet’s Eco-radar – 13th July 2007

We’re mopping up the news stories that haven’t had their own featured blog posts at EcoStreet this week. And what a busy week it’s been too. There’s no longer any doubt about climate change, Gordon Brown’s government is threatening our greenbelt, and we’ve heard about how US news network Fox has been spreading misinformation about global warming. And here’s the rest of the news:


Staff of the natural cosmetics store, Lush are baring all at their Edinburgh branch today to encourage consumers to buy products without packaging.

Business & the Environment

Jacobs, the green transport specialists, has banned it’s employees from riding bicycles. This bizarre ban apparently has something to do with the company’s insurance, but isn’t scoring Jacobs any points with its client Transport for London.

There are now no less than four eco-friendly taxi services operating in London, and the competition is fierce, with each company trying to outdo the other by offering in-car eco-friendly products, like recycled tissues and environmental magazines.

We reported early last year that Mackies of Scotland were making ice cream with fresh milk, cream and renewable energy. They have now added another two wind turbines to their existing one to ensure that not only is all their electricity provided by the wind, but they will be able to provide renewable power to 1,000 homes via the National Grid.

Ikea has removed all plastic bags from its stores. Good move Ikea!

Renewable Energy

A new report published by the Wales-based Centre for Alternative Technology says that Britain could be carbon-free by 2030.


Sharp has introduced the world’s first eco-friendly LDC TV. The TV has been awarded the EU eco-label.

Responsible Transport

Sisters of the Dominican Convent and Ecology Centre in Wicklow, Ireland are the proud owners of a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Sr Julie Newman says it’s a lovely car to drive, and excellent in city traffic.

Jeremy Clarkson has done it again. He’s driven off-road vehicles on the Makgadigadi salt pans in Botswana, causing damage that could last for decades. Clarkson is well known for his ridiculing of environmental issues.

The Spice Girls have sparked fury from environmentally minded fans (or in some cases ex-fans) by arranging to fly each band member in a separate private jet to the various venues of their reunion tour. Come on girls, have you learnt nothing from Live Earth?

Eco-friendly House

Thai architect Soontorn Boonyatikarn is changing the face of Bangkok with over 200 eco-friendly homes, a university and some commercial buildings under his belt. His own eco-home was inspired by a mango tree growing in his garden.

Toxic World

Len Aldis runs the Britain-Vietnam friendship society and is calling on the US government to take responsibility for their crime of spraying 80 million litres of chemicals in Vietnam over a ten year period from 1961 to 1971. These chemicals included Agent Orange, now known for its continuous damage. It has caused devastation to the land, the forest, the lakes and particularly to the people of Vietnam. To support the cause add your name to this petition. To watch a video of Len Aldis talking about the damage caused by Agent Orange, click here (be aware that the video contains disturbing images). via The Ecologist

That’s all for this week folks. See you next Friday for a summary of the week’s eco-news.