England has warmed one degree since the sixties

by Tracy Stokes on September 20, 2006

in Climate Change

Earlier this week it was revealed that the average temperature in central England has increased by one degree since 1960. The Met Office announced their findings at the Climate Clinic in Brighton and confirmed that the temperature rise can only have been caused by anthropogenic (human-induced) factors.

“This is a remarkable anthropogenic signal. Sharp spikes in warming have been recorded in regions across the world, but because we in the UK hold this unique temperature record stretching back nearly 350 years we are able to say that background climate noise can’t reasonably be held responsible for what’s happening in Central England. This is the first time anywhere in the world that climate scientists have been able to look at a small geographical area, identify significant warming and say humans have very likely played a part.”
Dr Peter Stott, Manager of Understanding and Attributing Climate Change at the Met Office

Via: WWF

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