Green Budget Success in Oxford

by Tracy Stokes on February 21, 2006

in Sustainable Lifestyle

Oxfordshire’s Green Party has done so well that they now hold the balance of power on Oxford City Council. This seven strong Green Group has secured a £1 million budget for the following green improvements for the city of Oxford:

  • Money to improve consultation on the planned new recycling scheme and
    address any issues arising from it (£60k)
  • Establishment of a new Oxford Renewable Energy Services Company to provide
    residents and businesses with affordable, secure, green energy (£110k). Will
    generate profit from 2008 onwards.
  • A new energy efficiency and renewable energy scheme for Council tenants
  • Energy saving campaign targeted at Council tenants (£14k)
  • A £10k study to release potentially thousands of pounds of borrowing
    (technically known as Prudential Borrowing) to spend on making Council
    properties more energy efficient and install renewable energy systems
  • Two new officer posts covering Climate Change and Sustainability(£210k)
  • A Local Food Development Officer (£105k) to development healthy eating
    initiatives and opportunities for local food provisions (for example,
    farmer’s markets).
  • A new Sustainable Buildings Award (£15k) to promote best practise in Oxford
  • Funding for free cavity and loft insulation for residents (+ £85k)

It would be good to see the Greens doing so well in other parts of the country. Some parts of the country don’t have any Green Party representation at all, something that I’d love to see change.

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