How to make an odd sock feel important again

by EcoStreet on May 5, 2010

in EcoDIY, EcoHouse, Recycling

When one half of a pair of socks passes over to the other side (where do they go?), the lonely sock that’s left behind spends too much time lying at the bottom of the clean washing basket or at the back of the sock drawer.  Imagine what that must do to a sock’s self-esteem.

Being a greenie, I don’t like throwing odd socks away, so I end up using them as dusters  or if they’re entirely natural fibre I throw them in the compost.  But then there are the good ones, the virtually brand new polka-dot one, or the super groovy rainbow stripe one that it just seems wrong to use in that way.  Here’s the perfect use for attractive odd socks.

Orphan socks [OhDeeDoh] via RecycleArt


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