If you would like to be listed in the EcoStreet directory, submit your link here. It’s FREE.

The Urban Commuter listed his* blog Cycling London at the EcoStreet directory this week, and also brought it to my attention that we don’t feature cycling as a green activity and method of transport as much as we should be on the EcoStreet blog. We hope that Urban Commuter will contribute to the EcoStreet blog in the near future with something cycling related!

*I’ve assumed that Urban Commuter is male, if I’ve got it wrong, my apologies

Carbonless Meetings is a new blog by Ozone Conferencing Ltd aimed at raising awareness of telephone conferencing and how it can save businesses money as well as cutting out the carbon emissions of travelling to meetings.

“I would like to see a world where permaculture, green building, energy-efficiency, gardening, eco-groovy crafting, art, thrifting, environmental sustainability, and social justice are normal, everyday stuff. I want a world where healthy children can grow up to inherit a healthy planet.” So says Mimulus of greenjewls, a blog all about saving the planet.

Balaji Agencies are listed as suppliers of promotional materials at the EcoStreet directory. They supply jute bags that can be personalised to promote your business.

Have a look at these fabulous bags from Ecoist. They are all made from used sweet wrappers and are all one-of-a-kind. And to make them even better, a tree is planted for every bag sold.

buyOrganics stocks a massive array of eco-friendly things, from clothes and skincare for babies, children and grown-ups, to drinks and cleaning products. Have a browse!

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