Make: driftwood aeroplanes

Driftwood inspires art. It’s soft edges and fascinating shapes carved by the sea have been the starting point of many a coffee table, frame or even totem pole. If you live by the sea (or at least within reach of it) you have the opportunity to keep an eye out for bits of driftwood washed up on the beach, and once you’ve collected a few bits, here’s an idea for creating your own piece of art. My favourite ever eco-friendly craft website esprit cabane gives full instructions on how to make driftwood aircraft. Unlike other aeroplanes, these are eco-friendly.


What have you made out of driftwood? Leave a comment.

driftwood aircraft [esprit cabane]


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  1. Hi Christopher, thanks for the comment. I agree, contemporary and recycled/repurposed can often go so well together, these are, after all, the times we are living in. 🙂

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