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Making some Eko Noiz

nuclear-boy.jpgEko Noiz brand themselves as eko warrior wear. They are a new London eco-activist t-shirt label who hand-print their pro-planet message onto a variety of eco-friendly t-shirts, including t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottle fibre. The messages are strong, sometimes witty and fun, sometimes scary and haunting. Eko Noiz believes “our chests deserve better than being used as outdoor advertising spaces for giant corporate entities who are keen on splattering dull logos”. They wonder whether it isn’t more interesting to use this space to say something about ourselves or our own beliefs?

Eko Noiz also sell cool stickers to get your message across.

The image above is the design on the back of their Nuke Boy t-shirt. “In honour of all innocent children affected by the irresponsible practices of the nuclear industry and bio-errorism.”