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by EcoStreet on November 1, 2008

in Responsible Transport

One of my favourite sources of motoring information in the UK has to be the wonderfully green roadside rescue service, the ETA. They’re full of good news this week about funding for green transport.

The Electric Car
Electric car chargingThe UK government are giving £100 million to the fledgling electric car industry to give them a boost into the mainstream. It’s also rumoured that Geoff Hoon is cooking up a scheme to put a fleet of electric cars and vans onto Britain’s streets, giving us the opportunity experience life with electric vehicles and to have our say about them.

Here’s why we need more electric cars on our roads:
0.01% of British cars are electric
No major manufacturers sell electric cars in the UK
20% of carbon emissions in the UK are from road transport

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Flying on Algae Blooms
The Carbon Trust are giving £30 million in grants to people researching and developing biofuel from algae. Biofuel from algae is a preferable option to biofuel from food crops and doesn’t have the same impacts on people and environement because no arable land or fresh water is needed for growing the algae. KLM is currently trialling the fuel, and aims to have 7% of it’s fleet flying on algae derived fuel by 2010.

Read more green motoring news at the ETA. And if you drive a car, seriously consider signing up to the ETA for your roadside assistance. They have a great product at a good price, so there’s absolutely no reason to choose the less than green alternatives.

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Louisa Plank November 10, 2008 at 10:22 pm

Hello we just began working with this client, PlanetTran. They are an eco-friendly car service that uses only Toyota Priuses. Check them out at!


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