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Find out the Future of Green from those in the know

by EcoStreet September 25, 2009 Climate Change

Ever wondered what the future of green looks like? Insider Trends has, and it’s set up an event to find out the answer. It’s called ‘Interesting Things For Interesting People: The Future of Green’, and it’ll be a fast, furious ‘speed presentation’ night. In central London on the evening of Tuesday 27th October, 8 green […]

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Book giveaway: Do Humans Dream of Electric Cars?

by EcoStreet July 23, 2009 Competitions

Are you one of those people who would prefer not to have a car but aren’t quite sure how life would work without one? Or maybe you’re just dreaming of ways to be greener but don’t have a clue how you can change the way you live? I have a couple of copies of “Do […]

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Bike to Work Week 2009

by EcoStreet May 16, 2009 Responsible Transport

As we come to the end of Bike to Work Week 2009 (a US event that doesn’t feature in South Africa, yet), it was thanks to blogs like Lighter Footstep and Treehugger that I decided to dust off my bicycle, attach Piper’s bike to the Trailgator, and do the school run by bicycle. But even […]

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The practicalities of the electric car (and why Africa’s first electric car rocks)

by EcoStreet May 14, 2009 Responsible Transport

Hats off to South Africa’s Optimal Energy for developing an electric car with a range that can cope with the distances between towns here. Let’s face it, the 190km that the Tata Indica electric car can stretch to wouldn’t get you from Cape Town to Hermanus for a whale watching weekend. With the Joule on […]

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50 Cars or 1 Bus?

by EcoStreet May 4, 2009 Responsible Transport

Swedish advertising agency, Acne, have built an enormous bus out of 50 cars at the side of the road on the way to the airport. This very effective “billboard” highlights the fact that while each car driving to the airport takes only 1.2 passengers, the Airport Coach takes over 50. The emissions saved by taking […]

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Eco-friendly cars and insurance

by EcoStreet February 19, 2009 Responsible Transport

When petrol prices peaked at around £1.30 a litre in 2008, more drivers became conscious about the expense associated with motoring. As a result many looked at more fuel efficient vehicles – the majority of which offer the added bonus of being much more environmentally friendly. There are a number of different types of `green […]

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Imagine if Croydon had grass

by EcoStreet January 28, 2009 Responsible Transport

I’ve just come across some beautiful pictures (see below) on Inhabitat that show trams in various parts of Europe travelling over velvety green lawns. Wow, incorporating landscaping into the rail-tracks, that’s a good idea. I bet it would improve the look of Croydon no end to have a bit of grass between the tram-tracks. What […]

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