Plastic bag recycling goes spiritual


New York City born artist Virginia Fleck has discovered a new use for plastic bags that would otherwise end up in the bin. She’s creating beautiful mandalas, and has been so successful with them that she has recently completed a comission for Whole Foods World Headquarters and for the Dell Children’s Hospital, both in Austin TX.


Virginia Fleck has received numerous grants and residencies including a fellowship for a residency and exhibition in Havana, Cuba.


Recently, her work has been exhibited at Art Forum Berlin, Pulse Miami, Pulse New York, and Arte Fiera in Bologna, Italy.


Virginia has this to say about her mandala collection: “My wall-sized mandalas, created from sections of used plastic shopping bags, analyse the activity of consumerism as a spiritual encounter.� This visual experience of repetitive designs, indicative of meditative objects and advertising graphics, stimulates the viewer to yearn for more.� Participation in the activity of consumption offers affirmative feelings of redemption.� Consumerism is the global religion.� Salvation can only be obtained through active involvement in the pursuit of this article of faith. Our affluent lifestyle is displayed by the numerous bags with recognizable symbols that contain and brand our passions.� Abundance and fertility are manifested in the size and quantities of our possessions and attest to our belief in the American Dream. Our hunger is insatiable; our fervor can be witnessed.�Nirvana / paradise is easily obtained and owned.”

See more of her work here.

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